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We offer a variety of International cuisine, so you can find oriental food in Studio Masr, Italian food in Carinos, American food in Chili’s, French food in le Notre and Sea food in Halaket al Samak.


Studio Masr Restaurant:


A tribute to Egypt’s grandiose cinematic heritage, Studio Masr defines black-and-white elegance. With eleven branches across Egypt, it is the epitome of grilled food and family entertainment. Studio Misr offers its customers a unique dining experience that is casually elegant yet infectiously fun. Food Lovers and cinema enthusiasts alike will love this themed eatery. The restaurant is a tribute to Egypt's rich cinematic heritage featuring photographs and memorabilia form the golden Era of Egyptian cinema. With 8 branches in Egypt nothing beats Studio Misr for grilled food and familyentertainment.




Another photo for Studio Masr:






In 1994, Amer brought the famous American restaurant chain Chili's to Egypt and the middle East.. Today Chili's is the world's leasding casual dining destinations offering an atmosphere that is both upbeat and laidback. A well-trained team of attentive and enthusiastic servers compliment in the congenial surroungings tha have made Chili's is a pioneer in the genre of casual dining. Always fun, fresh and in tune with the customer... Chili's is the place to be.




Another photo for Chili's




Another photo for Chili's


Halakat el Samak:


A traditional " fisherman's wharf" style restaurant, Halkt El Samak is named after Alexandria's famous seafoodmarket. This fun and casual restaurant is sure to please seafood lovers of all ages. Dinerscan choose from the catch of the day that is on display and have it prepared exactly to their liking. All meals include the traditional Egyptian side dishes that make seafood meals so pleasing whether you are on a seaside holiday or looking for a change of pace in the city. Halkt El Samak has 6 branches through Egypt. 




Also we offer a list of different restaurants & cafes all over our destinations in the shopping malls and outdoor areas such as:-

• 3aros elbahr
• Africano
• Al Khalil
• Alahwa
• Auntie Anne's
• Bahary Market 
• Blue Lounge
• Café Shop Company
• Carpaccio 
• Cilantro 
• Cold Stone Creamery 
• Corsine Café 
• Costa Coffee
• Dahbia Se El Sayed Café
• Elkhan
• Espresso
• Express
• Fadalos
• Farah Café
• Freeze
• Gar Alamar
• Golden Fork
• Grand Café
• Grand Royal
• Head Rock
• House Café
• Lanorma
• Latin Latte
• Latino's
• Le Café
• Leo Café
• Loca Joo
• Lords Inn Café
• Mex Café
• Murano
• On the Road
• Pasta Italiano
• Pronto Bek
• Revolution 
• Sedi Mansour
• Singari
• Sky Court Café
• Sugar Candy
• Tchapa 
• Volo's 
• Water Lemon
• Wings Café
• Macdonalds
• PaPa Jones 
• Buger King
• shawrma elreem 


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